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Eric Johnson, owner-handler, has worked with Border Collies for over 20 years. He has managed farm programs in Open Air Museums, and lives on a small farm in eastern New York with his family, gardens, assorted poultry and a few sheep.


"We have contracted with Eric and Wildgoosechase for the past 3 years. We were having issues with geese in and around our properties. We have a particularly troublesome area where they were nesting in the parking lot islands and would become aggressive during mating season. With Eric's expertise, we were able to develop a program where he would be in before their season starts to chase them from our property. By keeping them from the property through the breeding season, we were able to avoid interaction with people, and the concern from our tenants. Eric is extremely professional and great to work with. He deals well with "concerned" tenants and the public alike. As he is often approached by people wondering what he is doing and what methods are being used. In addition, he conforms to exactly what our wishes are. For example, our tenants become extremely concerned with families of geese, in these cases we ask him not to disrupt the family groups as to not upset the tenants. He is able to accomplish this while still keeping the property free of aggressive birds. Eric is constantly in contact and keeps us fully informed of his activities as well as those of the geese on our property. And perhaps most importantly he treats his animals with dignity and respect, as they are truly impressive working dogs."

Wes Nicoll,
RPA Assistant Property Manager
Griffin Land

"Eric Johnson and his well trained Border Collies have made an incredible difference for our community, Clifton Knolls in Clifton Park, over the past two years. The Wild Goose Chase NE company has succeeded in keeping the many geese who had gathered on our fields and around our ponds away from those areas. And this feat has been accomplished in a humane and natural manner. Now our neighborhood has once again become a friendly place where our residents can walk their dogs, play softball and otherwise enjoy the beautiful areas that had attracted us in the first place and were part of the reason so many of us chose to live here initially. Eric is extremely easy to contact and stays in close touch to monitor the goose situation. He reduces or increases his visits to accommodate to the need. Our Park District Advisory Committee is very pleased with the service that Eric Johnson and his collies continue to provide us."

Judy Hughes
Chair, Clifton Knolls/Mill Creek Park District Advisory Committee

"At first I was leery of having dogs chase the geese off our 120 acre resort. We have 3 ponds, several fountians and water features and 24 acres of turf that the geese seem to love. We had already tried spray repellents, U.V. spray and decoys with no signifacant results. Then we hired Wild Goose Chase NE. In one season we have reduced the number of geese on property significantly with no harm to the geese and no enviromental impact. The constant harassment of the geese by the dogs reduced our goose population to a pair of persistant resident geese. By the middle of summer our grounds staff could chase the geese off the property themselves. I would recomend Wild Goose Chase NE to anyone serious about fixing their goose problem."

Paul Stringer
Grounds Supervisor

Canyon Ranch
Lenox, MA

"We have a 300 acre property with several water features that would be very attractive to Canadian Geese. Since using Wild Goose Chase NE's services several years ago, we have seen our resident Canada Goose population drop to almost nothing. I am confident that with continued use, we will totally goose free. I would recommend Eric Johnson and his dogs to anyone.

John A. Risler, CGCS,
Town of Colonie Golf Course
Albany, NY

"I manage our local park with a swimming program that takes place in the summer. Canadian geese have been a nuisance at our pond and our nearby soccer fields for several years and have contributed greatly to our pond algae problem. Once we started utilizing the services of Wild Goose Chase NE, the population of geese has been cut drastically and our water quality has improved greatly. Thank you, Eric!"

Shari Franks, Program Director
Crellin Morris Association
Crellin Community Park

"It was a pleasure and a relief to have Eric and his dogs chasing the geese. Eric's presence made it possible for us to use our beach again."

Marie Metlay
South Pond Farm
Berkshires, MA

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