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Eric Johnson, owner-handler, has worked with Border Collies for over 20 years. He has managed farm programs in Open Air Museums, and lives on a small farm in eastern New York with his family, gardens, assorted poultry and a few sheep.

Wild Goose Chase NE Herding Demos
•Farm Museums •Historic Sites •Parks •County Fairs •Festivals •Schools
AND More

Eric Johnson and the Wild Goose Chase NE Border Collies demonstrate the working relationship between people, dogs and farm animals at the Austerlitz Historical Society Fall Festival.

Dogs have been living with people for thousands of years. Over time, they have helped to protect us, keep our farm animals safe, hunted to obtain much needed food for us, given us companionship, and pulled heavy loads for us. Today most of us have contact with pet dogs, but not "working breeds," as all dogs once were.

The Wild Goose Chase NE herding demonstrations give people an opportunity to experience how a "working breed" - the Border Collie - follows commands and uses instinctual and trained skills, discipline and concentration to herd farm animals.

In our demonstrations, the Wild Goose Chase NE Border Collie herd ducks in complex patterns to showcase their skills, so the program works well both outdoors and in gyms or arena type settings. The demonstrations are offered at many different venues, such as:

• Farm Museums
• Historical Sites
• County Fairs
• Festivals
• Schools
• Picnics
• Parties
• Seniors & other groups

The skills displayed are used in herding livestock, in Border Collie trials, and in our Wild Goose Chase NE goose control business - and show the amazing working relationship between people, dogs and farm animals.

See and learn how this age-old relationship works.

Experience the working dogs up close!

Program is offered to all age groups, all types of groups, starting at $275
Both outdoors and in gyms or arena type settings.
Handouts on dogs/border collies available.

For more info, call Eric at:

518-794-8605 or 518-965-1984 (cell) or

Email Us

Rhos focuses on herding the ducks at the Fair,
while children learn up close how Border Collies work on a farm.

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